Years in the making, the new look for Illinois State University’s home page is designed to meet the needs of prospective students and their families.

The endeavor is the culmination of three years of work spearheaded by Web and Interactive Communications, the Office of Admissions, and Administrative Technologies. According to Director of Web and Interactive Communications Arturo Ramirez, the final product is the result of campus-wide input. “The WEB team conducted interviews with units and offices under every division. This was truly a collaborative process,” said Ramirez, who added that countless hours of research, reviews, and data gathering were crucial to the new look as well. “Our goal was to provide an optimal experience for a prospective audience that would serve the future of the University. The inclusion of an intelligent search feature to showcase our unique academic programs sets us apart and is a great example of the experience we want to deliver.”

Research and analytics showed the most effective direction for the home page combines a main page with information from the Office of Admissions. “The new look will allow students to find admissions-related information more quickly and easily,” said Zach Parcell of Web and Interactive Communications. “While the overall website will continue to highlight what makes our University strong, the home page will be an entry point for interested students.”

That first impression for potential students is an important piece of supporting continued strong enrollment, noted Director of Admissions Jeff Mavros. “We want to give prospective students every opportunity to see what an incredible fit Illinois State University could be for them,” said Mavros, who added the website is only one element in bringing outstanding students to Illinois State. “We all know that recruitment is a team sport, and everyone in our Redbird family—faculty, staff, and students—play a part. This new look will serve as an introduction to our welcoming and accomplished campus community.”