journal coverSherri Replogle published a co-authored article in Air and Space Power Journal, Africa and Francophonie. The article, titled, “Interactions between International Norms: The Case of the Civilian Protection and Antiterrorism Norms,” contributes to the understanding of how international norms interact to influence state behavior during times of war.

Using process tracing, the approach is based on a theoretical framework that focuses on actors’ efforts to reshape norms to promote their material interests. Replogle and her co-author, Alexandru Grigorescu, argue that actors rarely accept norms and their prescriptions as they are originally promoted; nor do they simply challenge them. Most often, actors try to reshape norms by using “narrowing” or “broadening” strategies that often connect them to other existing norms. The article assesses the plausibility of the argument by analyzing the evolution of the civilian protection norm and the anti-terrorism norm. They especially emphasize developments after 2001 when the United States reinforced the anti-terrorism norm and, by doing so, inadvertently empowered the civilian protection norm. This result, in turn, put pressure on the United States to alter some of its policies in its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Replogle is an instructional assistant professor in the Department of Politics and Government. She specializes in military affairs, international conflict and security, and civilians in war.