Lane Crothers, POL, published Globalization and American Popular Culture. (Rowman and Littlefield).

Dawn McBride, PSY, published “Effects of Delay on Recognition of Happy and Angry Faces” in the American Journal of Psychology.

William Thomas McBride, ENG, published “She’s Not There: Shallow Focus on Privacy, Surveillance and the Emerging Techno-mediated Modes of Being in Spike Jonze’s Her” in the book Spaces of Surveillance: States and Selves.

Logan Miller, ANT, co-authored “Thermoluminescence (TL) and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Dating of Two Burned Clovis Wyandotte Chert Lithic Specimens from Paleo Crossing (33ME274), Ohio, USA” for Lithic Technology.

David Collier, MUS, presented a clinic on “Fundamental Techniques for the Young Timpanist” at the 2017 Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Craig Cullen and Jeffrey Barrett, MAT, presented a workshop for educators, “Measurement Activities for the Common Core for State Standards-Mathematics” at a regional meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in Chicago.

Julie Jung, ENG, presented “Feminist Rhetorical Science Studies: Politicizing Posthumanisms, Rhetoricizing New Materialisms” at the Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) Conference in Dayton, Ohio. She also co-organized and helped to facilitate a mentoring session titled “Publishing an Edited Collection: A Process Approach” at the conference.

Roberta Seelinger Trites, MQM, presented “Gender, Power, and the Ethics of Care” at the presentation of the Brothers Grimm Award, in Osaka, Japan. She also presented “Material Feminism and a Feminist Critique of Two YA Novels: The Hunger Games and Orleans” for the Japanese Society for Children’s Literature in English in Osaka.