The Washington Post cited Illinois State’s Center for the Study of Education Policy in an outlook on higher education.

Newsweek discussed a new study with co-author Carl Palmer that claims good-looking people vote Republican. The study was also featured in the British newspaper, The Guardian.

U.S. News & World Report announced Illinois State’s INTO partnership.

Dave Bentlin and Narry Kim discuss spending the night in a car to raise money for local homeless shelter.

Becky Beucher and Cliff Cobert spoke about a K-12 initiative with Peoria Schools with The Peoria Journal Star.

Veda Rives Aukerm and twin Meda Rives Smith talked about sharing a singular vision in an art exhibit.

Jeremy Driskell and Jun-Hyun Kim talked to WGLT about the NIJ grant to assist with on-site drug testing.

Nathan Carpenter spoke with a reporter about social media and the State of the Union.

Emeritus Professor Bob Bradley commented to The Quad City Times about the gubernatorial race.

Nabuko Adachi previewed a conference on social, ethnic and racial boundaries.