What exactly is a degree in Nursing Systems Administration?

Illinois State University’s nursing systems administration (M.S.N.) is a Master of Science in Nursing degree obtained completely online. Through a combination of credit and practice hours, the program is designed to accommodate bachelor’s-prepared nurses whose schedules may not allow for traditional on-campus degree programs.

Why earn your M.S.N. with a focus in nursing systems administration?

So, why get an M.S.N. degree with a focus in nursing systems administration? The program equips experienced RNs with the skills and education necessary to climb the levels of nursing into leadership positions.

Degree holders are prepared for work in fields like

  • health care administration
  • nursing management
  • medical and health services management
  • health policy

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a job increase of 20 percent for the profession between 2016 and 2026. In addition, certain characteristics of the job, like upward mobility and flexibility, were rated “above average” by those with jobs in nursing administration.

The degree can also be used as a bridge for continuing education. Many students who take the nursing systems administration route go on to get a Doctor of Nursing Practice. For students at the Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN), the opportunities are endless!

Online degree from one of the best nursing schools

The Mennonite College of Nursing has an established history of preparing exceptional nurses who excel in a changing health care environment. While many factors contribute to this, the college’s willingness to supply its students with the tools needed to succeed plays a big part. And the nursing systems administration online degree is no exception. Those enrolled in the program go through an intensive full-day orientation, and the small classes are taught by faculty who are trained in online education. The program has a lot of financial resources available to students too. For assistance, MCN offers both graduate assistantships, which include a tuition waiver and a monthly stipend, and scholarships.

This commitment to success can easily be seen in a couple of places—first, in MCN’s retention and graduate rates. Most students who begin the program finish within three years, and retention rates for the program are well above the national average. Second, by the recognition MCN has received. Illinois State University has repeatedly been listed by U.S. News & World Report as having one of the best online nursing degree programs.

Different from other health care administration master’s degrees

While many schools offer health care administration master’s degrees (MHA), Mennonite’s nursing systems administration-focused M.S.N. is the only one of its kind. Classes like Leadership in Health Care Systems, Financial and Resource Management of Health Systems, and Executive Nursing Administration of Health Systems focus on leadership, and are perfect for equipping students desiring a job in healthcare administration with the skills that they need.

But this idea of leadership isn’t just restricted to a few classes. The entire program is dedicated to teaching students how to foster, lead, and collaborate with teams. The end goal being that these teams will provide nothing short of the best patient care. This is what makes the degree so unique!

Online nursing systems administration admission

Applicants must have earned a Bachelor of Science in a Nursing from a program accredited by the National League for Nursing or be able to do so within one year. Students are admitted in the fall only and all application materials are due by May 1 of the spring before.

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