President Larry Dietz was recognized by the McLean County Chamber of Commerce as its 2017 Legacy of Excellence honoree.

Ali Riaz, POL, took part in an international teleconference, “The Plight of the Rohingya,” with the Pacific Council on International Policy.

Lane Crothers, POL, published the book “Globalization and American Popular Culture” (Rowman and Littlefield).

Dawn McBride, PSY, co-authored “Comparing time-based and event-based prospective memory over short delays” for Memory.

Sally Parry, ENG, published the chapter “Elmer Gantry” in the book Books to Film: Cinematic Adaptations of Literary Works.

Fred Smith, ANT,  co-authored “Cranial measures and ancient DNA both show greater similarity of Neandertals to recent modern Eurasians than to recent modern sub-Saharan Africans for the American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

Wolfgang Stein, BIO, co-authored “Clonal genome evolution and rapid invasive spread of the marbled crayfish” for Nature Ecology & Evolution.