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ISU Emergency Alert test on March 20

Illinois State University will test ISU Emergency Alert at 2:05 p.m. Wednesday, March 20.

The following test message will be sent:
Subject line: TEST- ISU Emergency Alert
Body of message:  TEST- This is a test of ISU Emergency Alert. Visit for more information. This is only a TEST

The modes of communication to be tested include:

  • Text only alerts to registered cell phones
  • All registered e-mail accounts
  • Public space digital displays
  • VOIP phone—tone and voice alert followed by text message on phone’s digital display
  • ISU Homepage
  • ISU’s main Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Classroom Desktop computer pop-up

Students are urged to notify their parents and others who are registered for ISU Emergency Alert that this test will be conducted at 2:05 p.m. Wednesday, March 20. Notification should also be given about the modes of communication to be tested.

The campus community is encouraged to be familiar with the University’s Emergency Response plans and guidance documents by reviewing:

  • The ISU Emergency Alert site:  provides information about signing up (students, staff, parents, community members), about incidents where ISU Emergency Alerts are issued; and about the modes of communications used for alerts.
  • The ISU Campus Safety and Security Page:  a collection point for information on numerous safety and security programs throughout the University.
  • The University Emergency Management Plan:  a comprehensive document which details how the University will respond to major emergencies on campus.
  • For Employees: Your department Emergency Response Plan, a document that provides you with emergency response information specific to your department.

Questions regarding this test or campus emergency preparedness should be directed to Emergency Management at (309) 438-0100.

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