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Redbirds connect with employers with diversity hiring initiatives

The Diversity Employer Expo helps diverse redbirds identify key organizational traits that will contribute to their career success.

As diverse Redbirds enter the workforce, it is important they are aware and connected with organizations that support strong diversity initiatives. According to a recent article from the National Association for Colleges and Employers, “Survey data indicates that diversity is highly ranked by employers as ‘very important’ or extremely important.'” Further, organizations want to hire diverse students, and students should seek out these organizations as they offer more support to their career needs and interests.

To help diverse students connect with organizations with diversity initiatives, the Career Center is hosting the Diversity Employer Expo on Thursday, April 5, from 5-6:30 p.m.  Students will be able to mix and mingle with employers over a free dinner to learn about their organizations, and then connect further after dinner during the career expo portion of the event

Students attending the event must register in advance.

“Our goal is to help students from diverse backgrounds to connect with employers interested in recruiting them,” said Career Center Director Pamela Cooper. “Students will be able to engage in casual conversation with employers in a very relaxed and supportive atmosphere.”

During this event, students will

  • Learn about the diversity initiatives that exist within the organizations attending the event
  • Weigh industry options
  • Analyze their current network and identify where it can be broadened through internships and full-time employment opportunities

Tips for student attendees

Students attending the event must register in advance. Because the event is a professional one, the required attire is business casual—a polo or button-down shirt or blouse with a pair of dress pants is appropriate. Students may also want to bring a resume and review the Career Resource Guide for helpful tips on networking, developing a 30-second summary of their professional skills, experience, interests, and more. The Career Center also offers free business cards and resume paper to help students present themselves well at the event.

“This event is set-up as a very welcoming environment to help students engage with employers and alumni to ask any questions they have about career topics that relate to their individual needs,” said Career Center Associate Director for Student Relations Mike Minton. “We hope they’ll take advantage of this opportunity to explore organizations and begin networking with professionals who want to help them succeed.”

Registration is required. For more information to request special accommodations or to register for this event, visit the Diversity Employer Expo site.

The Career Center supports Illinois State University’s Educating Illinois by assisting all students with developing, evaluating and/or implementing career, education, and employment decisions.


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