What works in ReggieNet? What needs to be improved? The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology has two surveys open right now to gather feedback about Illinois State University’s customized learning management system.  Share your insights by Friday, May 18.

For Students

Take the 2018 ReggieNet Survey of Undergraduate Students

Nearly a thousand Illinois State undergraduates participated in last year’s survey, providing valuable suggestions. This survey focuses on the students’ experiences in terms of ease-of-use, problems, and what they’d like their instructors to know about how ReggieNet is used in their classes. It should take less than five minutes to complete. The survey is open to all undergraduate students. Graduate students with teaching responsibilities may take the instructors survey. Other graduate students are welcome to share their thoughts about ReggieNet via email.

For Instructors

Take the 2018 ReggieNet Survey for Instructors

The instructor’s survey is for all faculty members, staff members with teaching responsibilities, and graduate teaching assistants. It’s a chance for those who teach on campus to provide guidance about what features they use in ReggieNet, features they’d like to see added, and any concerns they might have in terms of performance and help using this important campus-wide tool. Because it focuses on teaching and well as user experience, the instructor survey goes into more depth than the student survey. It should take about 10 minutes to complete.

About CTLT

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology works with other departments on campus to support ReggieNet. CTLT’s overall mission on campus is to support educators in their pursuit of excellence and innovation in teaching, student learning, and the effective use of technology. It offers a wide variety of services to faculty and graduate teaching assistants, including workshops, consultations, media support, and organizing the annual University-Wide Teaching & Learning Symposium.

Got questions about the surveys?  Email CTLT@ilstu.edu for assistance.