Here are some new resources and news for the field of higher education.

Building the Workforce Ready Generation: Strategic Steps Higher Ed Leaders Can Take  Concerns over employers not being able to fill workforce gaps with qualified graduates has become a growing theme throughout higher education conversations. (Education Dive)

Higher Ed Complicit in Perpetuating Dangerous Stereotypes, Researcher Says   American Educational Research Association conference keynote speaker, University of Illinois’s William Trent, told a New York audience Saturday that higher ed is complicit in perpetuating the kinds of stereotypes that are fueling tensions in this country by not doing enough to diversify their populations and make sure students are exposed to enough people from different backgrounds. (Education Dive)

Study: College Education Can Delay Dementia  The first study, led by Eileen Crimmins, a professor at the University of Southern California’s Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, found that a college education can both keep dementia at bay and extend the number of years spent with a healthy mind. (Inside Higher Ed)

MA – This High School Finds Success Combining College-Ready Classes With Career Training
Massachusetts is turning that traditional model on its head by having many schools combine rigorous academics with hands-on career training, now called “career and technical education.” (Hechinger Report via PBS News Hour)

Review of Graduate and Alternative Programs Finds Gaps in Teacher Prep  In graduate-level and alternative programs, there’s a mismatch between the preparation that teachers get and the real demands of teaching, according to a National Council on Teacher Quality review of 714 programs that prepare both elementary and secondary teachers. (Education Week)

States Use Direct Mail, Money to Get More of Their Residents Back to College  Determined to channel older students toward degrees, policymakers struggle to reach them. (Hechinger Report via U.S. News & World Report)

Study: Online Learning Improves Retention, Graduation Rates  It found that three out of four institutions that offered in-person and online courses had higher retention and graduation rates for students who at least enrolled in some digital learning classes. (Education Dive)

Student Government Leaders Call for Gun Control  Student government presidents from 82 colleges and universities signed a letter to leaders. (Inside Higher Ed)

Postsecondary Campus Safety  This Policy Snapshot explores postsecondary campus safety, specifically regarding guns on campus, campus sexual violence, and pertinent 2016 and 2017 legislative activities.