Eric Hodges and Andrea Markert offer insights on the state’s first-ever Reunification Drill with University High students.

Touré Reed looked at Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy in the wake of the 50th anniversary of his assassination.

Ali Riaz spoke with Aljazeera about Bangladeshi political parties. He also talked with the Interpreter in Australia about the breaking of the Bangladesh political dynasties. UNB wire service also interviewed him about the rough chance of implementing a Rohingya reparation deal.

Aimee Miller-Ott delves into how technology is impacting relationships.

John Pryor talked with the Washington Post about the #MeToo Movement.

Vice President Levester Johnson praises a gift supporting leadership initiatives for Greek organizations.

Jeff Walsh discussed organizing students to help with assessments of parolees.

Laura Trendle-Polus discussed TV anchors across the country reading mandated scripts with WGIL and WJBC.

Rocio Rivadeneyra talked to WGLT about a proposed Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in U.S. Society requirement.

WJBC interviewed Julie Webber about the recent youth movement protest, March for Our Lives.

Crain’s Chicago Business spoke with President Larry Dietz about a possible engineering program.

WGLT talked to Dawn McBride, who studies memory and the creation of false memories.