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Rock your 2018 Redbird socks

photo of someone's feet wearing socks featuring the Redbirds Rising logo.

2018 Redbird socks

Last spring, Illinois State set a record for the number of socks sold as part of the “Rock Your Redbird Socks” campaign. ISU alumni and friends demonstrated first-hand how spectacular the Redbird family truly is by shipping out more than 1,300 pairs of socks and contributing a staggering $36,000 to the Illinois State University Red & White Scholarship. With those results, it’s no surprise that Redbird socks have returned for a fifth consecutive year. Now is the time to add to, or begin, your collection with a minimum gift of $25.

Get yours now!

This year’s exclusive socks feature the logo for Redbirds Rising: The Campaign for Illinois State, with fiery wing tips in the background and black trim. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Redbird socks than with a celebration of Redbirds Rising, which is also this year’s homecoming theme. After making your $25 gift, you will be sent a pair of socks as a thank you!

These socks will only be available online through June 30, 2018: click here to get yours today. Once you receive your socks, be sure to share how you rock your #RedbirdSocks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.