April 3 held an event like no other on the Illinois State campus, the 2018 Alpha Zeta Mr. Agriculture Pageant!  This years theme was Life Through Agriculture.  This event is not only to show off some of the agriculture department’s finest young men but to raise money for this year’s charity, World Vision.

The Pageant

This event is held annually and hosted by the agriculture honors fraternity, Alpha Zeta. Each agriculture student organization nominates a contestant to participate in the pageant. The contestants have to learn a group dance, plan a themed student organization outfit, show off during the talent portion, and finally formally dress and walk out with an escort.

The top five contestants are also asked two questions. One is a funny personal question and the other is a harder question regarding popular problems in agriculture. After this, the people’s choice is announced followed by the new Mr. Agriculture winner. This year’s people’s choice winner was Illinois State senior Will Ailey. The 2018 Mr. Agriculture winner was Illinois State junior Ty Tucker.

The Purpose

Beyond the fun and friendly competition, there is a purpose for the Mr. Agriculture Pageant. This year, Alpha Zeta went with World Vision for their charity.  Through selling t-shirts, raffle tickets and admission to the event, they was able to raise over $800 for World Vision. With this money the organization was able to purchase the following:

  • Fishing kit and 2 chickens
  • Two sets of a goat and 2 chickens
  • 10 chickens for women
  • A dairy cow
  • A set of 1 goat, 2 ducks, 3 rabbits and 4 chickens

The above animals will go to people in countries who don’t have access and financial means to the nutrition they need.  If you would like to know more information about Alpha Zeta’s donation and World Vision click here.