The Department of Health Sciences at Illinois State University is excited to acknowledge Jonathon Mosby as our Featured Student. Originally, from Evansville, Indiana, Mosby moved to Normal to pursue his education and spend some time with relatives in the area. After a period of investigation, he found that Illinois State’s highly respected safety program would be the best fit possible.

Mosby decided to pursue a degree in the safety program after briefly pursuing a degree in radiology from Heartland Community College. Being the first member of his immediate family slated to earn a bachelor’s degree, he originally viewed safety as a backup plan, but found it much more intriguing than he had anticipated, which led him to turn away from the radiology program to enroll at Illinois State. He views his work and degree as a way of thanking his family for all of the support they have provided over the years.

Other than school, Mosby has some exciting plans for the future. He will be getting married this summer to a person who is incredibly supportive of his drive for education and various other life decisions. He lists finding this person as one of his greatest accomplishments.

Described by friends and family as passionate and hardworking, Mosby admits that his drive may sometimes adversely affect his social life. However, that does not inhibit him from enjoying his free time, during which he enjoys football (the Indianapolis Colts, to be exact), writing, and video games. When asked if he could have one thing or wish, he responded with his wishes people would express more generosity and kindness toward each other, even though beliefs and opinions may differ.

After spending some time at Illinois State, he has been able to reflect on some of the experiences that became most memorable to him. Mosby is impressed with the fact that Illinois State takes pride in everything it does as an institution, which is especially apparent in our sporting events. It has made a huge impact on him knowing that the school shows a great deal of pride in its students. Next year he will be participating in some school events, as he will serve on the Advising Board of the safety program and is looking forward to taking on a leadership role.

As Mosby looks toward the future, he is excited to work in his safety career in order to build a great support system for his family. He acknowledges that he did not always have the stability he craved in his life, so he aims to make the lives of his future children as supportive as possible by giving them the tools they need in life to succeed. Mosby considers his mother one of his greatest role models, as she returned to school to become a nurse after having four kids. This determination showed Jonathon that the determination to build more for your family is a worthy mission, and aims to do that for his own family.

As a seasoned student, Mosby is able to offer some advice to students who are just starting their college career. He strongly encourages those students to have fun, but also to make sure that they are working harder than they play. Adjusting to a new lifestyle can be difficult, so it is important to lean more toward work until you can determine your personal balance for work and fun.

“He is a very attentive and engaged student. He can fool you because he is very quiet!” said Paul Ronczkowski, the professor who nominated Mosby. “But when called upon or asked to participate, he has no hesitation to be in a discussion. I think he has the makings of a very good leader in the safety profession. He has stepped up to be the vice president of the student section of American Society of Safety professionals for 2018–2019. He will also be one of the student representatives on the safety program advisory board. Having no hesitation to serve when called upon is the making of a good leader. He has the type of personality that is not abrasive and others will find him inviting to work with. He is a rising star in the safety program and as a future safety professional.”