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Nurses on Boards Coalition names MCN as strategic partner

Dean Neubrander speaks at MCN's Leadership Rising Luncheon.

Illinois State University’s Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN) was named as a new strategic partner by the Nurses on Boards Coalition (NOBC). The announcement came in response to MCN’s continued commitment to the advancement of NOBC’s mission.

Nurses on Boards Coalition Mission

The Nurses on Boards Coalition aims to build healthier communities in the United States by increasing nurses’ presence in corporate, health-related, and other boards, panels, and commissions. Ultimately, the organization wants to have 10,000 nurses on boards by 2020.

The NOBC was created in response to a report published by the Institute of Medicine. The report, titled The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, recommended placing more nurses in leadership positions as a way of improving health in the United States.

There are a number of requirements to become a strategic partner, including commitment to both the placing of nurses in leadership positions and the improvement of health in the United States. In addition, all partners must have a formal alliance with NOBC, which includes publicly acknowledging the partnership on all associated websites.

Leadership Rising – Expanding the Impact of Nurses

In March, MCN hosted a Leadership Rising Luncheon. The event focused on ways in which the impact of nurses could be expanded, and Laurie Benson, executive director of the Nurses on Boards Coalition, was featured as a guest speaker.

“I believe that nurses, as the largest profession in healthcare, must have a strong voice—not just in healthcare, but across all fields. That is how healthier communities are built—through nurses who rise to challenges and share their expertise,” said Dean of Mennonite College of Nursing Judy Neubrander. “Our Leadership Academy was born out of that idea, and I think that the Leadership Rising Luncheon is the perfect continuation of that theme.”

The event was attended by Mennonite College of Nursing students, faculty, staff, local business leaders, and leaders from the healthcare community.

A College Focused on Leadership

Overall, it’s no surprise that Mennonite College of Nursing was selected as a strategic partner by NOBC. MCN holds many leadership events, like the Leadership Rising Luncheon, and preparing nurses to be leaders is one of MCN’s core beliefs.

An example of this embodiment is Mennonite College of Nursing’s Online Nursing Systems Administration program. While many schools offer healthcare administration master’s degrees (MHA), Mennonite’s Nursing Systems Administration focused MSN is dedicated to teaching students how to foster, lead, and collaborate with teams. Classes like Leadership in Health Care Systems, Financial and Resource Management of Health Systems, and Executive Nursing Administration of Health Systems, focus on leadership and are perfect for equipping students desiring a job in healthcare administration with the skills that they need.

Additionally, in Fall of ’17, MCN founded the Nursing Leadership Academy. The Nursing Leadership Academy aims to help a generation of nurses find their voice while preparing them with personal, team, and business leadership skills. The academy is offered to seniors in MCN’s undergraduate program and is strictly for professional development – not for credit.

Mikayla Cooksey, one of the seniors who opted to participate, appreciated that safe space. “Leadership Academy allowed me to learn in a space where I was not too intimidated to try something because I was afraid to mess up,” said Cooksey. “I was able to begin learning how to be an effective leader that gains respect without asking for it. I feel like I can come off very brash and abrupt, like, ‘we’re going to get it done.’ I feel like this academy taught me to work with a lot of other personality types. I learned how to get others invested and not just drag people along with what I want to do.”

Working Together to Expand Nurses Impact

It is clear that the match between Mennonite College of Nursing and the Nurses on Boards Coalition is an excellent one. Together, the two organizations will make strides in giving nurses more influence, both in and out of healthcare.

Mennonite College of Nursing: Leadership Rising

Mennonite College of Nursing is able to offer opportunities like Leadership Academy and the Leadership Rising luncheon to our students and community because of the generosity of our financial supporters. We are dedicated to setting the standard for excellence in nursing education, practice, and research.

If you are interested in contributing to our college, please visit our Redbirds Rising campaign website.

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