Finding a job on campus is important to a lot of students, but the task can seem daunting. At Illinois State University there are plenty of jobs to choose from.

While students can search for employment online, everyone’s experience with finding a job on campus is different. Current Redbird Kamara Turner shares her story of being employed on campus, and how having a job on campus enhances her college experience.

My name is Kamara Turner. I am a Senior Public Relations Major. During my time on campus I have held a number of positions. I have worked as a front desk manager at Cardinal Court, for The Vidette as a columnist, and I am currently working as a front desk manager in the Dean of Students Office.

My experience applying for jobs has been typical of any college student. I have received some job offers fairly easy, but I have also had challenging job interviews for more competitive jobs related to my major on campus. However, each interview and job has helped me in some way.

One way having a job on campus has helped me is with time management. At times it has been hard juggling work while taking classes, but I have learned to manage my time quite well because of that. With the front desk positions I have held, I have learned to use my spare time to do homework and get ahead on assignments. I also go into work with an idea of how much I want to accomplish in a day, especially if I have other obligations later in the day that will require a lot of my time. Keeping planners and calendars handy so I can keep up with due dates helps me, too. If I know I have work, I will do school work either ahead of time, during down time, or make time after my shift. But I always make my classes my top priority no matter what my schedule is because that is what I’m here for! I am a student first.

Overall, working on campus has positively impacted my time as a Redbird. I have met faculty and staff members that are willing to help me become a better student and professional. I have also been able to get resume checks and letters of recommendation from my supervisors and build relationships with them for networking and mentoring purposes.

Some advice I would give students that are looking for a job or will be working on campus is to apply for jobs that will benefit you in your future, whether it is close to your major or will benefit you by making connections with faculty and staff members. The faculty and staff members you work with will help build your work ethic and will be able to speak highly of your progress. Remember to work hard but remind yourself this is not permanent! Some days it might seem tedious but on campus jobs are still great resume builders. Good luck when applying to campus jobs, #FutureRedbird!

– Kamara