This fall, the Organizational Leadership Institute (OLI) is hosting a series of Breakfast Leadership Series featuring a wide range of topics that businesses may not find elsewhere. Each session will feature a workshop led by a full-time faculty member from the College of Business (COB). Two of the series will also be available as webinars for those that cannot make it to campus at a reduced rate. 

OLI Director Rick Ringer has been significantly engaged with local businesses throughout the past two decades at Illinois State University. Ringer hopes this unique opportunity will strengthen those relationships as well as provide insight into challenges that leaders may be facing.

“This series gives business leaders and corporations (and now anyone across the world thanks to our added webinars) a chance to engage intellectually and to see what’s new,” Ringer said. “We enjoy working with them and feel we have a lot to offer.”

“This series gives business leaders and corporations a chance to engage intellectually and to see what’s new. We enjoy working with them and feel we have a lot to offer.”—Rick Ringer

The programs also provide opportunities for direct feedback regarding real-world business issues that could potentially shape classroom content.

“To rub shoulders with people dealing with issues we discuss in the classroom helps us,” Ringer said. “We feel this a great experience for us to have dialogue that offers great insight and acts as professional development for faculty too. It’s a win-win because we all benefit.”

All sessions will be held on Fridays in 430 State Farm Hall of Business. Sessions will begin at 7:30 a.m. with a continental breakfast.  Content begins at 8 a.m. The session will conclude at 10 a.m. Seating is limited to 25 people per session. Webinars have no limit.

  • Session 1: August 31, 2018, “Leadership and Organizational Culture” (available as webinar)
  • Session 2: September 14, 2018, “Improv and the Innovative Leader”
  • Session 3: October 12, 2018, “The Fundamentals of Project Management” (available as webinar)
  • Session 4: October 26, 2018, “Understanding Micro-Aggressions in the Workplace”

Register for the event or webinar online.

For more information about the Breakfast Leadership Programs, contact Rick Ringer at (309) 438-3333 or