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Professor Ali Riaz was interviewed and quoted in international editions of the newspaper Metro on June 12 and 13 about the Trump-Kim summit held in Singapore. Riaz was quoted in the report “The big sit-down: What to expect from Trump’s historic meeting with Kim Jong-un,” published on June 12.

Ahead of the summit, Riaz said, “we have to be realistic with expectations” and “any agreement will have to have the blessings of Chinese leadership. An agreement which will reduce U.S. presence and influence in the region is beneficial to China.” The report was published in the US Edition and editions in Chile, Guatemala, México,  Puerto Rico, Russia, and the global Spanish Web version.

Following the summit Riaz was interviewed on June 13. Commenting on the declaration signed by President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung-un Riaz said, “it is too general and vague. It lacks substance.”

He cautioned that “previously North Korea has duped the international community about its nuclear weapons program.” Riaz said, “There is no doubt that, as of now, North Korea and its leader has gained the most. A reclusive leader of a totalitarian regime is now being treated as an equal partner and a peacemaker, and that too without making any diplomatic or military concessions.” The interview was published in Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, and Nicaragua.

Metro is a daily newspaper published in over 100 major cities in over 20 countries across Europe, North and South America, and Asia; Metro is available in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Rome, Moscow, and Hong Kong, to name a few global cities.