The following is a list of recent resources for those focused on the professional improvement of teachers, principals, and other educational leaders.

School Leadership: A Primer for State Policymakers

This special report serves as an introduction to policies related to school leadership — which is particularly useful to newly elected or appointed officials as they consider policies to more effectively support great school leaders.

How Microcredentials Help Educators Develop New Tech Skills 

Teachers earn digital badges while learning new strategies. (EdTech)

National Institute of Excellence in Teaching

The National Institute of Excellence in Teaching shared their most recent Teach Factor report  Unleashing Teacher Leadership: How Formal Teacher Leader Roles Can Improve Instruction.

How Much Is A School Teacher Worth? 

In the Farrington school district, a new teacher makes less than $29,000 — even with a master’s degree. Farrington is one of the lowest-paying districts, but state officials say some 7,000 teachers statewide makes less than $40,000. A new state law just approved by the legislature would change that.  (NPR Illinois)

The One Thing Every Teacher Should Do This Summer Is Vote 

These elections come at a moment of incredible opportunity for those seeking to do what is best for kids in schools—but this is also a real moment of danger if citizens fail to act. (Education Post)

What’s Still Wrong With Teacher Evaluations? 

After nationwide efforts to make the teacher evaluation process more rigorous, there has been little change in how many teachers are rated as ineffective, Michael Kraft, an assistant professor at Brown University, says in a recent Q&A for Education Next. (Education Dive)

Increasing the Supply of Qualified High School Teachers for Dual Enrollment Programs: An Overview of State and Regional Accreditor Policies 

Growing demand for dual enrollment coursework and clarifying language from some postsecondary accrediting bodies have increased the need for qualified high school teachers. This new resource, co-authored with the Midwestern Higher Education Compact, explores state policies regarding qualifications for dual enrollment instructors and identifies seven state strategies for increasing the supply of high school instructors qualified to teach dual enrollment courses.

What Will It Take to Fix the Illinois Teacher Shortage?

Like many states across the country, Illinois is facing a teacher shortage. There were more than 2,000 teaching, administrative, support staff and other positions across the state that went unfilled during the 2016-17 school year.  (Northern Public Radio)

Teacher Stress Could Cost Your Schools More Than You Think

Study on highly-stressed teachers reveals the detrimental impact this mindset has on students. (eSchool News) 

2018 Elections and Changes in State Education Leadership 

The 2018 elections will bring change to state education leadership and the Education Commission is closely monitoring the possible shifts. Thirty-six states are holding governors races.  Of those states, 16 are guaranteed to elect new governors. Many of these governors APPOINT state education leaders.  Several other states will hold ELECTIONS for state education leaders. A new infographic highlights what to watch for in elections across the nation.