When the summer 2018 upgrade to ReggieNet is complete, users may want to clear their browser cache to ensure the best performance. The update will install not only a new version of Sakai, the software “engine” that makes ReggieNet run, but also new graphical elements. Cleaning out these caches of data will ensure that you will see ReggieNet looking its best.

Cache cleaning

A cache is a place where your browser keeps the things like text and images it has already downloaded, so web pages load faster on the next visit. When you first visit a website, the browser will download images, like a logo, so that it can be displayed. Every time you visit a different page on the site, the logo does not need to be downloaded again, as long as the same logo is displayed, because the browser cache has already downloaded it.

By cleaning out your browser cache, you are allowing the most current version of ReggieNet to be seen on your browser. How to do this depends on what browser you are using. In most cases you want to select an option to clean out “temporary Internet files.”

  • On a Windows computer, hold down Control+Shift+Delete
  • On a Mac, hold down Command+Shift+Delete
  • Once complete, try logging out of and then back into ReggieNet

More detailed instructions on clearing out caches for several different types of web browsers, including those on mobile devices, can be found in this knowledge base article from the Technology Support Center.

Getting help

  • For instructors and students who experience technical issues regarding ReggieNet, it is important to file a support ticket, so issues can be tracked and swiftly resolved. Go to ITHelp.IllinoisState.edu or call (309) 438-HELP.
  • When filling out a ticket, please include as much specific information as you can, including the course name and section, time the incident occurred, and the device and browser you are using.

Faculty members can get instructional support for ReggieNet by going to CTLT.IllinoisState.edu and clicking on the ReggieNet logo on the home page. You can also email us at CTLT@IllinoisState.edu or call the main desk at (309) 438-3542 during normal business hours.