Here are some new resources and news about the field of higher education.

Class Size Matters

Do smaller classes help reduce performance gaps in science fields? Yes, according to a new study in BioScience. (Inside Higher Ed)

New Bill Aims to Improve Mental Health Services in Higher Education 

A new bill that Senator Tim Kaine helped introduce could give college students suffering from mental health problems more resources. (WHSV-3 ABC)

How Much Is Tuition? At the U. of Illinois, Like Many Research Universities, It’s Complicated

More than half of the nation’s public research institutions now charge different tuition levels based on students’ majors. The practice raises revenue, but critics say it does so at the expense of lower-income students.

Nine Northeast Ohio public college and university leaders sign ‘Northeast Ohio Regional Higher Education Compact’. 

Nine different public colleges and universities signed the “Northeast Ohio Regional Higher Education Compact” Wednesday, pledging to work together to make post-secondary credentials more obtainable.  This is another example of how the regional approach like McLean County 60X2025 is taking hold.

College Opportunity at Risk 

A new state-by-state report from the Institute for Research on Higher Education at the Penn Graduate School of Education provides risk assessments based on four categories: higher education performance, educational equity, public funding and productivity, and economic policies that influence public revenue and budgeting.