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Celebrating 95 years of Student Government Association

2018-2019 SGA leadership

2018-2019 SGA leadership Jack Whitsitt (left), Mike Rubio, and Magalie Baker with advisor John Davenport

The Student Government Association (SGA) has had a long history on the Illinois State University campus. In 1923, the Student Council was founded, marking the beginning of student governance. Since that time, the organization experienced numerous iterations of its name, such as the Student Senate, Student Association, and the Student Body Board of Directors, all to reflect the various priorities of the time and a changing student body. In 1993, the organization transitioned to Student Government Association, and the organization has since retained this name.

The Division of Student Affairs is excited to celebrate the 95th anniversary of SGA in 2018, acknowledging the tremendous impact this organization has had on our campus over the years. As part of the official governing body for students at Illinois State, SGA serves as an important component of the shared governance process of the institution. From recommending that students be allowed to form fraternities and sororities to instituting a bereavement policy for students, SGA has played a major role in our campus policies.

Over 2,200 alumni have been involved in Student Government Association.

“I believe that our shared governance process is one of the reasons Illinois State continues our strong and steady progress in these times that are proving so difficult for so many of our peer institutions,” said Dean of Students and SGA advisor John Davenport. “Students here have a voice in all aspects of the University, and that voice has helped create a place that prioritizes the student experience along with financial and political considerations.

“Student Government Association occupies a unique place among student leadership because of their role in the shared governance process. The students must not only speak on behalf of their fellow students; they also have to advocate in ways that can sometimes put them in opposition to the faculty who they have as class instructors on a daily basis. Doing this requires a special type of student and that’s why it is important to celebrate the long line of students who have done this work.”

Celebrations of the anniversary commenced with a reception for past SGA presidents and vice presidents at the University Residence in April. SGA alumni will also be acknowledged during this year’s Homecoming at a special reception and at the Student Affairs Alumni and Friends tailgate tent. Registration is now available for both events.

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Congratulations to the Student Gov't Assoc. I was a student senator under the Charles "Chuck" Dunn's administration when Robert Bone was ISNU/ISU president. Those were busy and exciting times, specially when Kenneth "Buzz" Shaw was playing basketball! It is still fun to read about those times in the History of ISU books.

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