The following resources might be helpful to school districts and the community partners who work with them.

Community Schools:  A Powerful Strategy to Disrupt Inequitable Systems The promise of community schools is in how they prioritize the education and enrichment of vulnerable students and integrate services with systems of governance, professional support, and ongoing community-level dialogue. Comprehensive community schools represent a powerful equity strategy because they are designed to identify and address inequitable practices, disrupt the systems that perpetuate educational and economic disparities, and increase opportunities for all through partnerships among all of the actors who shape children’s opportunities.

Community Schools Policy Playbook  Geared toward advocates and elected officials at the state and local levels, this playbook offers a number of resources including:

  • Sample state and local policies and funding that promote community schools
  • Model legislation
  • Messaging on community schools
  • Summary of four pillars of community schools and supportive policies for each pillar
  • Implementation resources