In August 2017, My.IllinoisState saw a round of updates and a call for feedback. Since then, a steady stream of suggestions, comments, and questions helped make My.IllinoisState an even better user experience for students, faculty, and staff.

We incorporated the feedback we received and recently launched a new version of My.IllinoisState.

New Look, More Speed, Same Great Features

There’s a new look and feel across all of My.IllinoisState.

Based on user feedback, usage data, and other analytics, the new homepage of My.IllinoisState is designed to get you to what you need most. The page dynamically changes based on what is happening that day. You’ll see timely alerts, announcements, and your daily class schedule. Your full schedule is still available on the Academics dashboard.

Popular features remain on My.IllinoisState, including the GPA estimator for students and class rosters (with photos) for faculty.

Additionally, this isn’t just a new coat of paint. The entire code base has been rewritten to optimize for speed and usability and the site has been deployed on state-of-the-art servers which allows for the increased performance and stability.

Beyond the homepage

The My.IllinoisState homepage is just one of many useful dashboards within the main portal for the University.

You’ll continue to enjoy personalized navigation, but with an overhaul of the dashboards themselves you’ll notice an improved user experience.

The Academics dashboard not only includes your full class schedule, it also provides direct links to ReggieNet, textbooks, assignments, and more. You’ll also find personalized information and academic resources around campus.

Each dashboard of My.IllinoisState now has a series of links to the most used content at the top of the page, making it easier for you to find what you need. For example, faculty, staff, and students with an on-campus job can use the Pay and Benefits dashboard for easy access to submit time or view paychecks.

Continue to help build a better My.IllinoisState

The new My.IllinoisState allows us to do even more than before, but we continue to call for feedback so we can strive to make My.IllinoisState better on a regular basis. New functionality will continue to be released throughout the year, but hearing from you will help us prioritize where we should focus our efforts.