Student-athletes set a new semester departmental grade point average (GPA) record of 3.24 during the spring 2018 semester. Three 2018 teams tied or beat their previous team GPA records.

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In addition, 295 of ISU’s 410 student-athletes were named to the AFNI Honor Roll. Every member of the women’s golf, soccer, tennis and volleyball teams earned the AFNI recognition. There were 85 student-athletes who posted a perfect 4.0 during the spring semester.

“It’s clear that our student-athletes are competing in the classroom as hard as they are on the field,” said Paul Downey, senior associate director for academics and life skills in Athletics.

“Setting a new GPA record is icing on the cake, and a sign of the collective efforts of the Athletic Study Center staff and our Athletics department as a whole,” he said.

The women’s programs combined for a 3.49 cumulative GPA. The men’s and women’s tennis programs were the team spring GPA winners, scoring 3.61 and 3.83 respectively. The softball team also set a new record with a 3.59 team GPA.