The following is a list of recent resources for those focused on the professional improvement of teachers, principals, and other educational leaders.

State information request: Rural principal professional development 

A state department of education official asked for examples of states that have policies or programs supporting rural principal professional development.

Principals say coaching, not compliance, is what they need from central office 

In six districts that changed the role of the administrators who oversee principals, those supervisors are spending more time in schools — coaching principals and helping them become better instructional leaders. (Education Week)

MI – How a doctor inspired a new way to train teachers — and how that is leading to a new kind of school 

They’re moving to end the longtime practice of sending educators into their own classrooms after just a few months of student teaching. In its place, they’re creating a new method — one based on the way doctors are trained — that will extend teacher training through their first three years on the job, supporting them as they take on the daunting responsibility of educating children. (Chalkbeat)

Principal attrition and mobility

Among all public school principals in 2015–16, approximately 82 percent remained at the same school during the following school year, six percent moved to a different school and 10 percent left the principalship. In addition, two percent of principals were from schools that reported the principal had left, but the school was unable to report the current occupational status of the principal.  (National Center for Education Statistics)