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Having withstood a decade of practices and game-day competition, the playing field at Hancock Stadium was replaced during the spring semester. The existing artificial turf had been installed in 2007, along with an underground drainage system.

Extensive use of the field in the years since resulted in a rough turf that was so tired, athletes had a hard time not slipping when making a play. ISU Athletics Director Larry Lyons is confident the new field will improve the ability of student-athletes to compete.

“I’m very pleased with the project from start to finish,” Lyons said. “I’m very pleased with the look of the turf. It will be a very good playing surface for us moving forward.”

Fans will notice alternating shades of green every five yards up to center field, where the logo is boldly displayed in a larger size than existed before the upgrade was completed. The sidelines are red, while the end zones have red and white lettering outlined in black.