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Years of Service, July 2018

50 years
Patricia K. Walker, Registrar, 7/22/1968

40 years
Joey Anne Meihsner, Milner Library, 7/19/1978

25 years
Sandra Kay Warlow, Comptroller’s Office, 7/1/1993
Richard Wayne Tomevi, Building Maintenance, 7/13/1993

20 years
Ted M. Taufer, Building Maintenance, 7/6/1998
Cynthia D. James, Academic Senate, 7/27/1998

10 years
Jillian Rose Smith, Human Resources, 7/1/2008
Kari L. Smith, Building Maintenance, 7/7/2008
Elias Kendrick Wrightam, Milner Library, 7/8/2008
Jay C. Fitzgerald, Campus Services Div Grounds, 7/21/2008