Every month the Administrative/Professional (A/P) Council highlights an A/P staff member through a series of questions as another way for the Illinois State community to connect. This month readers can get to know Christa Platt, coordinator of Diversity Advocacy.

As the coordinator for Diversity Advocacy, what do you do?
It’s my 54th day on the job!  I’m still learning and remain excited about the way this role can and will evolve. I  oversee Diversity Advocacy and supervise professional, clerical, and graduate staff in developing and implementing programs and services that advocate for historically marginalized students. I also provide leadership and vision for the advisement and empowerment of the Asian Pacific American Coalition, Association of Latin American Students, Black Student Union, and PRIDE.

How long have you been an employee at Illinois State?

Since 2007

What do you love most about working at Illinois State?

Some of my strongest relationships were birthed at ISU—I have lifelong friendships with many students, staff, and faculty

What is one fact about yourself that might surprise people?

I come from a family of women who live long lives.  My great-great grandmother lived to be 119 years old.

When you’re not working, what are you most likely doing?

After a year of my new post-graduate life, I’m still trying to sort out what to do with myself in my free time. One thing I love doing each month is “God Mom Day.” I have five godchildren, and each month I plan an adventure of learning and fun. I’m sure I have the most fun on these excursions.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The grassy hideaway behind the State Farm Hall of Business. It’s a peaceful getaway and there’s a great echo. I love singing and have given a few great performances there (On a Saturday, of course, not to disturb the peace).

What quote most inspires you? Why?:

“Where there’s a will, there is a way.” For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard my mother say this in the face of obstacles—regardless of size.  Her very next sentence was always, “that’s what mama always says.”  My grandmother had a supernatural strength that caused her to be fearless in the face of what others would consider insurmountable.  I’m forever grateful for the shoulders I stand on and strive to embody their strength and fearlessness.