Thomas McClure, POL, has been appointed by the American Bar Association as chair of the Paralegals Approval Commission for a one-year term.

Wolfgang Stein, BIO, presented the keynote talk “Genes, channels and neuromodulation: How neurons remain functional as temperature changes” at the Arthropod Neuroscience Network Meeting of the German Zoological Society in Greifswald, Germany.

Several members of the Department of Politics and Government presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Boston. Meghan Leonard presented “State Supreme Court Responses to Court-Curbing,” Kerri Milita presented “Ambiguous Rhetoric and Legislative Accountability,” and T.Y. Wang, presented “Party Image and Electoral Behavior in Taiwan.”

Tim Lash, CHE, and student Tyler Smolczyk, published “Alphabet soup within a porphyrinoid cavity: Synthesis of heterocarbaporphyrins with CNNO, CNOO, CNSO and CNSeO cores from an oxacarbatripyrrin” in the journal Chemical Communications.

Uttam Manna, PHY, and his team published “TiO2 nanodot films” in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. and “Anisotropic Plasmonic Nanostructures” in Nanotechnology.

Ali Riaz, POL, penned a commentary on the Bangladesh Election Commission’s promotion of electronic voting machines. He also wrote about the absence of educational opportunities of the Rohingya refugee children in the makeshift refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Chris Wellin, SOC, published Critical Gerontology Comes of Age: Advances in Research and Theory for a New Century  (New York: Routledge).