The following is a list of recent resources for those focused on the professional improvement of teachers, principals, and other educational leaders.

Reading, Writing, Running  It’s a decision hundreds of educators across the country have made this year: To change the conditions in their classrooms, they would have to run for office themselves. Some 550 educators will be on election ballots this fall, according to the National Education Association, running for everything from local school board to governor. (U.S. News)

Teacher Leadership Series  Teacher leadership drives improved instruction, teacher retention, and accelerated learning. With two decades of experience, NIET offers a new on-site training solution for improving educator effectiveness called the Teacher Leadership Series. Geared to schools, districts and states, the series empowers teachers to:

1. Understand the foundations of teacher leadership.
2. Leverage instructional expertise.
3. Make data-driven decisions.
4. Create partnerships.
5. Advocate for the profession.

What hard-to-staff-positions? All of them  The last couple of issues have focused on the status of teachers in Illinois. This focus continues. Today’s analysis is more sharply concerned with the shortage of teachers and what the policymakers have been trying to do about it. Many ideas have been considered, some even implemented – but not making a dent.

Teachers Are Winning Public Support for Pay Raises, Survey Finds  This spring, thousands of teachers walked out of their classrooms in a half-dozen states, protesting low salaries and cuts to school funding. Their activism likely made a difference in boosting support for raising teacher salaries, shows a new poll from the journal Education Next. (Education Week)

What America Says About Teaching: Respect but dwindling appeal  Americans trust and support teachers, but they draw the line at wanting their own children to join a profession they see as undervalued and low-paid.