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Civil Service Years of Service, September 2018

Image of the Illinois State University seal with the words Gladly we learn and teach.

40 years
Elizabeth L. Rongey, Milner Library, 9/25/1978

20 years
Mona Marie Hubbard, School of Music, 09/08/1998

15 years
Teresa A. Berner, Dean of Education, 09/02/2003
Thomas Lee Huntsman, Application Services, 09/15/2003

10 years
Jennifer Jean Florence, Technology, 09/02/2008
Adam Thomas Listek, Stdt Affairs Information Techn, 09/08/2008
Caleb Mark Caldwell, TechZone Student Technologies, 09/15/2008
Katherine Joan Scott, Agriculture, 09/15/2008
Carol Brielle Watson, Univ Mktg & Communications, 09/15/2008
Robert Michael Bowald, Building Maintenance, 09/22/2008
Anthony Lemont Muhammad, University Housing, 09/29/2008