Over the 2017 fall semester on Illinois State University’s campus, the Sustainability Office implemented a new initiative called the ISU Tailgate Recycling Initiative. The initiative was created to take a step toward making Redbird sporting events more environmentally friendly through urging fans to recycle during their time tailgating, and incentivizing their participation by offering them a reusable coffee cup if they partake in the initiative. Our aim was to also create a cleaner environment for fans to be in during the event, and reduce the improper disposal of recyclable products into the general garbage.

Volunteers walked around various tailgating lots surrounding Hancock Football Stadium handing out a recycling bag and instructions to patrons on what to recycle, and where to take it to get their reward. Through the interaction, volunteers were able to answer any questions the patrons had about the initiative and briefly educated them on recycling at Illinois State if they were interested. The program was lucky enough to have volunteers from various ISU athletics teams, who did an excellent job at conversing with fans and giving back to the community that supports them in their athletic endeavors.

Overall, the program turned out to be a great a success and is running again during the 2018 season. We will continue to cultivate the initiative and make any changes necessary to ensure that it has continued success. It is a small initiative that makes a huge difference on the surrounding Redbird campus, and we hope to see as many Redbirds participating at our tailgates as possible!

For more information on the initiative, send us a message on our Facebook page.