College is great. You learn a lot from going away to college, not just academically. You learn how to manage your time wisely, that procrastination is not the smartest decision in college, and that you will never take a home-cooked meal for granted. Family Weekend is a time to bring your family to your home away from home!

I always enjoy taking my parents around campus, showing them all the cool things, and introducing them to people. My parents arrived on Friday and I took them around campus to show them where I spend all my time during the week and where my classes are located. We always try to find a good, local restaurant around Normal (like Medici or Destihl) to get a good meal and catch up on life.

On Saturday, I took my parents to the School of Communication Festival. The festival is open to students in the School of Communication and their loved ones to meet professors, learn more about the majors in the School of Communication, and get information about all the organizations you can get involved with on campus. I am involved in Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) on campus. I have talked to my parents about this, but they didn’t know a lot about it. I finally got to show them all the cool things that I do for this organization and how the organization prepares me for my career in this field.A family poses in Fell Hall during Family Weekend

It’s almost game time! We head over the football game and the whole family sits together. My dad and I love football so it was nice to get to spend time with him while watching a game together. My sister and mom enjoy the food and atmosphere of the game. It was chilly, but the sun was shining.

After the game is over, we headed back to the hotel to find some things to do around town. I take them to Marcus Theaters where you can get cheap movie tickets (thank you student-priced tickets!) and comfy seats. We don’t have recliner seats at our movie theater back at home, so we took full advantage of them.A family poses in front of a photo wall at Family Weekend

It’s crazy to think that the weekend ended so fast. Spending time with family always goes by quick. Maybe it’s because we are just having too much fun. Two hours from home is not too far away, but I always appreciate the time I get to spend time with them. Home is where the heart is, and it was fun to get show my family my new home!