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Kerri Milita & Tom McClure interviewed on 2018 midterm elections

Professor Kerri Milita was interviewed along with Professor Tom McClure by WGLT radio station on the 2018 midterm elections.

Headshot of Milita

Assistant Professor Kerri Milita

Milita said the election results show “more purple than blue,” noting that even in highly conservative states such as Utah or swing states that went red like Florida, progressive ballot measures were successful (e.g., legalization of medicinal marijuana in Utah, restoration of felons’ voting rights in Florida).

Headshot of McClure

Professor Thomas McClure

McClure remarked that President Donald Trump’s biggest post-midterm legacy is likely to be his Supreme Court appointments.

Both professors agreed that despite predictions of a “blue wave” with a high youth turnout, 2018 appeared to be a fairly typical manifestation of “surge and decline,” whereby the president’s party loses seats at midterm.