To the Editor,

This letter refers to “Battle diabetes with diet” (August 2018). As a registered dietitian, I want to address a few items in the article.

The types of fats individuals with diabetes eat can impact their cardiovascular health. Unsaturated fats—common in seafood, oils, and nuts—benefit cardiovascular health. Saturated fats—common in solid fats like butter and meats—can raise blood cholesterol.

The article mentions the food guide pyramid. It was replaced by MyPlate in 2011. It also mentions removing grains, potatoes, and sugar as part of treatment. Grains and potatoes contain a variety of vitamins and minerals needed for body processes. Eliminating whole-grains and potatoes eliminates the nutrition they can provide.

Foods with naturally occurring sugars such as milk and fruit may be included in the diet for individuals with diabetes, since they also contain vitamins and minerals. Foods with added sugars such as sodas and desserts do not typically have many vitamins and minerals. They raise blood sugar without providing much nutrition.

Caitlin Mellendorf ’10

To the Editor,

Thank you for the poignant story of Tristen Sharp in the Illinois State (“From bleak to blessed,” August 2018).

What a story of courage!

We underestimate the determination of someone so young wanting to press on to get a higher education when it appeared all was against her. Her faith and our great God stood out in your article.

Sharon Walters, retired Athletics staff member