Members of the Illinois State University Hoof N’ Horn Club have spent the past several weeks working to plan, organize and implement an online benefit auction to raise funds to help the club host a slate of events throughout the school year. The Redbird Round-Up is set to take place on Tuesday, December 4, 2018, and will be hosted by Caldwell-Willoughby sales at Items for this auction vary from livestock supplies to home décor and much, much more!

“We have not only put together a great group of items for Hoof N’ Horn supporters to bid on, but we have also learned a lot about online livestock sales and marketing along the way,” said senior agricultural major and auction committee chair Kelsey Richie.

The auction committee began making plans for the auction at the start of the school year by researching different marketing strategies and online sale platforms.

“Having the chance to discuss donation opportunities with various livestock producers, local companies and ISU Agriculture Alumni has been an excellent real-world experience for us as students,” Richie said.

Money generated from the funds of this auction will support Hoof N’ Horn events throughout the Spring.

“In addition to hosting the fourth annual Redbird Rumble Jackpot Steer and Heifer Show this Spring, we also plan to organize an educational clinic for livestock youth across the state of Illinois to take place in April,” said Josh McWilliams, agriculture graduate student and club vice president.

The Hoof N’ Horn Club at Illinois State University currently has 52 student members and meets the first and third Tuesday of every month. Anyone wanting more information about the club or the benefit auction should contact Kelsey Richie at!