The Lifestyle Enhancement Program offers classes and activities focusing on functional health, relaxation, and maintenance of a healthy spine. One or more of the Lifestyle Enhancement Program classes or activities could be for you if:

  • You are looking to reduce stress
  • You seek to increase your body strength
  • You would like to support your overall well being
  • You want to address chronic issues such as neck and back pain
  • You would like be part of a social community while tending to your social and physical wellness

Classes and activities start in January 2019 and extend to May 12, 2019. Choices include the following:

  • Badminton
  • Balanced Bellies and Backs
  • Noon Yoga
  • Table Tennis
  • T’ai Chi Evidenced Based
  • T’ai Chi Chen Style
  • Tuesday Yoga

All yoga and T’ai Chi classes are led by certified instructors. For class and activity descriptions, please click here. Please note there is an associated fee with most of the classes and activities.

Registration is now open. You may also call (309) 438-WELL (9355) or email for additional information.

Start the 2019 year off by enhancing your wellness and discover the difference it makes!