Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz has published a co-edited volume titled Political Violence in South Asia. The book is co-edited with Zobaida Nasreen and Fahmida Zaman (M.A. ’17), an alumna of the Department of Politics and Government.

Headshot of Fahmida Zaman

Co-editor Fahmida Zaman

This book explores various dimensions of political violence in South Asia, namely in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Each chapter, written by an expert on the respective country, either speaks to an important aspect of the political violence or provides an overall picture of the nature and scope of political violence in the respective country.

Political violence is understood in the larger sense of political, that is, above and beyond institutions, and also as an integral part of social relationships where social norms and the role of individual agency play seminal roles. The contributions in this book incorporate both institutional and non-institutional dimensions of political violence.

In addition to nine chapters on five countries, three chapters offer regional overviews such as a taxonomy of political violence, representation of political violence, and a relational view of violence.

The book is published by Routledge.