With less than three weeks to the end of the fall semester and finals in a bit, we know how demanding this period can be for students. That’s why we have curated ten tips to help College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) students finish the semester strong!


We understand that you have a tight schedule right now, with all your final presentations and exams over the next two weeks. However, do you know that exercise energizes your brain and body? It also releases endorphins that help reduce your stress levels and make you happier, which is a great state of mind to face exams. You may want to schedule some time to visit the Student Fitness Center or take a walk on the quad.

Eat healthily

Health Promotion and Wellness shared a very insightful piece about eating your way to a great finals week. Foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and whole-grains have antioxidants to help the brain continue thinking smoothly, something you will need for finals. Definitely check that out and make sure you’re eating right.

Draw up a clear calendar for proper time management

Ensure that you have a list of everything that you must get done this period. What comes first? Be clear about your deadlines, set reminders, and use a to-do list, or whatever planning method works best for you. The most important thing is to not forget those important dates! Also, avoid working last minute and do not underestimate how much time you need to complete a project. Doing this could increase your anxiety level. Learn more about time management here.

Find a comfortable study area

If you have been studying in the same building all semester, and you seem to be tired of the space, that totally makes sense! The best part is that there are lots of options. Have you tried out another floor in Milner library? Even better, CAST has really cool study spots in various buildings—Turner Hall, Ropp Agriculture Building, Felmley Hall, McCormick Hall, Schroeder Hall, and Old Union.

Get help

Think it’s too late in the semester to reach out to your professors? It’s not! Remember they imparted knowledge all semester and the plan is for you to succeed! It’s better to reach out than to figure things out in doubt, putting yourself at risk for a low grade.

Stay positive

You’ve come this far, and you’ve got this. You’re almost at the end of the semester. Finals week just means that you made it to the end of the semester. In a few days, the semester will be okay and you’ll have made it out strong. Make sure to stay positive!

Do something that de-stresses you

With all the pressure of deadlines and exams, anxiety is likely to creep in but remember you don’t have time for that! Health Promotion and Wellness have an event coming up during finals week, where therapy dogs will be at Milner Library to offer you a warm paw shake. The best part is that students who stop by will get a complimentary chair massage. To find out more, click here.

Don’t miss review sessions

If a professor sets a meeting just before the final exam or presentation, you should not miss that! Those final classes usually have tips and the professor might provide or review the study guide which you would likely find very useful

Be well-rested and stay hydrated!

Exhausted? Take a short nap, get recharged, drink some water and come back to this! Remember, the semester is almost over! If you’re still anxious and need to talk to somebody, you’re not alone. Schedule an appointment with the Student Counselling Services.

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