The Civil Service Council raised more than $1,500 for scholarships with the 2018 CS Council raffle.

More than 40 prizes went to the raffle winners, and included items such as Chicago White Sox tickets, Portillo’s sandwiches, free yoga, and $100 gift cards. The full list of winners can be found on the CS Council website.

Each year, the CS Council awards scholarships to children of current employees attending Illinois State University through funds managed by the Foundation. The money raised through the raffle goes toward support of children of current employees who do not attend Illinois State.

“Scholarships are becoming more important and more necessary,” said CS Council Vice Chair Amy Witzig. “In the entire scope of the cost of college, a $500 scholarship may only make a small dent. It can cover the cost of a semester’s worth of books, however. And that could be a huge relief for those paying for college.”

More information on CS Council scholarships can be found at the CS Council website.