The Illinois State University Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic is adding some exciting new services during the spring 2019 semester. The audiology department will be adding cochlear implant mapping and repairs to their already extensive list of audiology services. Currently, the closest place patients can receive cochlear implant care is in Champaign. The distance is often a roadblock for care for some patients. Following receipt of updated training, the Speech and Hearing Clinic at ISU will be able to offer mapping and troubleshooting for all Cochlear brand implantable devices.

Cochlear implants are a surgical hearing option for those people who are unable to benefit from traditional amplification. In addition to a trial with appropriately fitted hearing aids, cochlear implant candidates must also have imaging testing, as well as a meeting with the surgeon and implant audiologist. Cochlear implants consist of an internal electrode array that is implanted by an otolaryngologist, and an external processor that is placed a few months after surgery, and turned on by an audiologist. The internal components last for many years and rarely, if ever, need to be replaced. The external components need to be upgraded every few years.

This service opens up care for local patients who otherwise may not be able to receive cochlear implant services. The Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic will begin seeing patients for cochlear implant candidacy testing in February 2019. If you or a loved one has questions about cochlear implant candidacy and whether it is right for you, please call the clinic at (309) 438-8641.