30 Years
Ernie Johnson, Event Management Dining Hospitality, 12/27/1988

25 Years
Thomas Hughes Salzman, Internal Auditor, 12/06/1993

20 Years
William L. Hamann, Student Affairs Information Technology, 12/14/1998

15 Years
Jeffrey Alan Bender, Agriculture, 12/16/2003
Melanie K. Schaafsma, Human Resources, 12/27/2003

10 Years
Scott Daniel Wissmiller, Building Maintenance, 12/01/2008
Ryan Richard Grahs, Application Services, 12/08/2008
Angela Dawn Miller, Building Maintenance, 12/08/2008
Wendy Leigh Watkins, Admissions, 12/15/2008
Gordon John Barrettsmith, Admissions, 12/17/2008

35 Years

Colette Sue Homan, Human Resources, 01/03/1984

30 Years
Steven Jay Lancaster, Superintendence, 01/22/1989

25 Years
Jerry L. Malak, Application Services, 01/03/1994
Harry E. Andres, Building Maintenance, 01/05/1994
Jeanette A. Jones, Event Management Dining Hospitality, 01/24/1994
Cindy L. Caldwell, Economics, 01/31/1994

20 Years
Scott Robert Bye, Milner Library, 01/04/1999
Charles Allen Nicholson, Janitorial, 01/04/1999
Jose Nieto, Janitorial, 01/04/1999
Karen Lee Eckhardt, Health Services, 01/06/1999
Patsy C. Sherrard, Student Counseling Services, 01/14/1999

10 Years
Alan D. Burrell, Building Maintenance, 01/05/2009
Tracy Lynn Widergren, University Marketing & Communication, 01/05/2009
Juli R. Laird, Health Services, 01/08/2009
Margaret A. Snell, Student Access and Accommodation Services, 01/08/2009
Regina A. Biles, Event Management Dining Hospitality, 01/09/2009
Cheryl L. Banks, Event Management Dining Hospitality, 01/20/2009
Daniel Lee Bustle, Client Services, 01/20/2009
Amy Ruth Kreinbuhl, Health Services, 01/20/2009
Mark Wesley Oglesby, Parking and Transportation, 01/26/2009
Michelle Rose Woody, School of Theatre and Dance, 01/28/2009