International media turned to Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz for comments and perspectives on Bangladeshi Parliamentary election held on December 30, 2018.

In the week prior to the election Riaz was quoted in the reports in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, Aljazeera English, Daily Telegraph (India) and French Business newspaper Les Echos.

Ali Riaz on BBC

Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz

He was also interviewed by BBC World Service Radio NewsHour. After the election, which was marred by allegation of widespread irregularities, Riaz spoke to Wall Street Journal and Aljazeera English. His on-air interviews included an interview with BBC World Service Television and BBC Radio 4.

During the period Riaz penned several commentaries. These include, “Bangladesh’s Consequential Election,” in East Asia Forum, “Foreign observers shunning Bangladesh polls: A sign not all is okay with December 30 elections,” in South Asian Monitor, “Bangladesh election at risk of low turnout in climate of fear as voters search for party more likely to fulfill promises” in FirstPost, ‘What Kind of an Election will it be?, in the Daily Star, and ‘Why are Islamists in the limelight?’ in the Star Weekend.