One of the most difficult parts about going away to college is leaving your dog. Man’s best friend provides constant love and support no matter what the circumstance, and it is hard to be separated from that. PAWSitively Stress Free was created to help fill this void. This program brings dogs to Milner Library where students can relax and de-stress while playing with adorable, loving puppies. So, whether you miss your best friend or want to take a break from studying, come visit the service dogs and get PAWSitively Stress Free!

student and golden retriever

The dogs come to Milner Library at least once a month, focusing on the most stressful times for students, such as midterms and finals.

Smiling dog

Research shows that petting a dog for a few minutes can drastically lower levels of cortisol, the hormone that causes stress. There is scientific proof that dogs are good for you!

Student with therapy dog Bubba

PAWSitively Stress Free is one of many stress-reducing programs that Illinois State offers to help students cope with any anxiety they have.