Rajeev Goel
, ECO, presented “Is it the gums, teeth or the bite? Effectiveness of dimensions of enforcement in curbing corruption” at the International Annual Conference for Integrity Preventing Corruption: From a Reactive to a Proactive State, in Lima, Peru.  

Lisa Hood, CSEP, presented at the 2018 Mastering KIDS Summit in Springfield. 

Chad Kahl, Milner, co-presented “Obligations and Intentions:  An Exploratory Study of Indirect Cost Recovery Monies from Research Grants as a Revenue Stream for Funding Research Library Budgets” at the 2018 Library Assessment Conference in Houston, Texas.

Kim Schafer Astroth, Mary Dyck, MyoungJin Kim and Wendy Woith, MCN, were co-authors onSocial capital, health, health behavior, and utilization of healthcare services among older adults: A conceptual framework” in Nursing Forum.

Thomas McClure, POL, published an article titled “Do Campaign Contributions Create Public Perception of Judicial Bias?” in Judicature.

Ali Riaz, POL, has published a co-edited volume titled Political Violence in South Asia. The book is co-edited with Zobaida Nasreen and Fahmida Zaman ’17, an alumna of the Department of Politics and Government. He also penned an article for Australia’s East Asia Forum, and published a commentary in The Daily Star on the Bangladeshi elections, and in DW on the role of Islamist parties in Bangladeshi elections.