Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz has said that considering the extent of irregularities in the Bangladeshi parliamentary election held on December 30, 2018, the only correct course is to hold a fresh election under a neutral administration.

He however acknowledged that the ruling Awami League is unlikely to call for a fresh election. International media has reported massive irregularities including ballot stuffing by ruling party activists in the election.

Talking to Asia Times, Riaz also said that unless there is any pressure on the Election Commission, it may not conduct an investigation into the massive irregularities.

Riaz said that the role of the Jatiya Party, which is to sit as an opposition in the parliament, will be to act as a “showpiece” to counter criticism, from home and abroad, that an engineered election has delivered a one-party parliament. “It’s a member of the ruling alliance; how can a member of the ruling alliance be an opposition?” said Riaz.