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Jeri Beggs named to NCAA national board position

headshot of Jeri Beggs

Jeri Beggs

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) named Illinois State University’s Professor of Marketing Jeri Beggs to the Division I Board of Directors. She will begin her volunteer appointment in August and serve a four-year term.

The Board of Directors is the top governing body for Division I and consists of 24 members, the majority of which are university presidents. Beggs is only the second faculty athletics representative to serve on the Board. Responsibilities of the Board include strategy and policy as well as overseeing legislation and management of the division.

Beggs joined the Department of Marketing at Illinois State in August 2002. She currently serves on the NCAA Committee on Academics, which supports the primacy of the association’s academic mission. She has also served on the Transfer Working Group, the Committee on Academic Performance, and was the president of the Faculty Athletics Representative Association in 2016-2017.

She is the second in the Beggs family to serve on the board of directors. Her father-in-law, Donald Beggs, was the president of Wichita State University and represented the Missouri Valley Conference on the NCAA Board of Directors from 2001-2005.