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On October 12–14, 2018, Josh Katz, technology and engineering education senior, attended the 2018 Midwest Annual Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Conference in St. Louis. While Katz was at the conference, he attended workshops and presentations that current and former teachers led. Katz attended a presentation given by Tiffany Anderson,  an inspiration in the education field. She serves as a hands-on superintendent in districts that have a wide achievement gap. According to The Washington Post and NPR, Anderson is “the superintendent who made schools work for poor children.”

Katz and other attendees went on a tour of different artwork and architecture found in Missouri. First, the group went to St. Louis Lambert International Airport to look at different artwork portrayed in the baggage claim area. Next, the group went to Chesterfield, Missouri, a western suburb, to observe a bridge over the Missouri River. They were able to observe the difference in architecture design between an older bridge and a new bridge. The group also toured the City Museum.

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