April Anderson and Angela Bonnell, Milner Library, authored articles for Illinois Heritage. Anderson penned “Not All Wore Helmets: Preserving the Work of Women in the ‘Great War,’” and Bonnell authored “‘Answering the Call’: Ange. V. Milner and Posters from the ‘Great War.’”

Charles Bell, CJS, published the article, “School suspensions don’t stop violence – they help students celebrate it,” published online in The Conversation.

Robert McLaughlin, ENG, published “Wallace’s Aesthetic” in The Cambridge Companion to David Foster Wallace. (Cambridge).

Ali Riaz, POL, published the commentary “Bangladesh election: Regrets by foreign observers indicate December 30 polling was marked by irregularities” in the Southasian Monitor.

Christopher Breu, ENG, was part of the panel “’Monsters to Come’: A Response for the Contradictory Counter-Discourses: Continuing Complicities and Emerging Solidarities” at the American Studies Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Steve Halle, ENG, presented “Editor-Translator Flash Sessions” at the American Literary Translators Association Conference 41: Performance, Props, and Platforms, at Indiana University in Bloomington.